Nine Lives


Nine Lives

The more I struggle, the more I strive

I keep moving on keep coming back alive

like a cat with nine lives im up to number 8
what will I do if the ninth comes too late?
The more I search, the less I find
Can’t really see with this broken mind
Will all my fears and dreams dissipate?
or has my bad luck sealed my fate?
Some say there’s no such thing as luck
Good luck, bad luck, any luck at all
They say you gotta pray, everyday, (that) someday
You’ll be saved from eternal death
You gotta know where to go high or low take a blow
but I say save your breath
Coz I don’t believe but maybe I should
If im gonna believe it better be good
if everyone is doing it does it mean it’s right?
Can you tell me how you sleep well at night?
What struggle is to you is different to me
Big or small whatever we see
Cant explain the pain again too ashamed im to blame for
struggle has two g’s
One for goodness and one for greatness
You don’t see it while you’re in it and even  years later
You’ll never know the reason, the person  or the hater
If you tell me again that everything is for the best
I might just  punch you right there in the chest
No you don’t get to knock me when i’m way down
Yo, just pull me up off the blunderground
Its funny how I keep on coming right back
I think with my heart (and) its off the beaten track
But now
Its my time
The ninth…

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