Memory Stream

These days, its the smallest things that send me off into a whirlpool of memories. some of these recollections are good ones, but others are lethal triggers…

When I first moved out of my abusive childhood home at age 20, I found myself uncharacteristically comparing and assessing every situation to what we had done at home and feeling the need to ‘tell someone’ all the time.

I was finally free and my mind was long overdue a memory release.

Its not until now, three exhausting years later, that I am in a stable enough place to  document them.

Im going to number the memories to keep track of them and in a months time I will compile them all together…

Here goes…


One thought on “Memory Stream

  1. Memories can be painful, but they are also the key to true healing, if we process them properly. In my experience, writing about them can release the hold they have on us, especially when we know that there are fellow-bloggers reading and supporting our journey. I only started my blog 3 months ago and have found writing and reading other blogs has been a positive move towards peace. I hope you discover the same.

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